UWR is the only three-dimensional sport in the world (Quidditch doesn't really count)!

It is played wearing a mask, a snorkel and fins, thanks to the power of your own lungs and of course with the support of your teammates. Two mixed teams of 6 players try to put the ball into the opponent's goal standing on the bottom of the swimming pool. What they need is team spirit, cleverness and stamina.


Some details:

- Just to be clear: UWR has practically nothing in common with (land) rugby.

- The goal is a round metal basket standing on the bottom of a swimming pool of 3–5 meters deep.

- The rubber ball is round, about as big as a handball, and filled with salt water, so that it slowly sinks to the ground.

- The teams are distinguished by white and blue caps and swim suits.

- 6 players are in the water, another 6 team members wait outside for their flying substitution.

- The player holding the ball may get others out of the way, but on the other hand, can be hold him- or herself. Holding an opponent by the equipment is a no go.

- There are three playing positions: "Deckel" (= lid; defender lying on the goal), "Dackel" (= sausage dog; defender lying in front of the goal) and forward.

- There are two referees using scuba equipment and a special horn (instead of a whistle) in the water and a deck referee high and dry.

- A game usually lasts 2 x 15 minutes.


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